Our retreat for August 2020 has now come and gone. What a great event it was. This year’s retreat was put together quickly and well by a dedicated group of volunteers. Thank you to them. More importantly, it was well attended within the USA as well as internationally. How exciting! We thank you so much for being here and making this venture a true success.

You will be receiving a short survey soon, i.e. early September. Please fill it out and submit it when you see the link. We value and read all of the feedback provided. Your comments, suggestions, and ratings help your retreat committee, PSRC, to constantly tweak and improve the retreat.

Personally, I am so thankful for this past retreat. It was quite special being both our 31st annual retreat as well as our 1st virtual retreat. Hopefully we can bring the retreat back even stronger as Covid-19 restrictions slowly lift. What will our next retreat look like? Stay tuned. We look forward to the next, even better, retreat. And thank you again for being part of this special recovery event.

by Dale E – PSRC Member (SAA/COSA)

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