Just Over A Week Away

Can you feel the spirit of the retreat?  It is coming soon, a week or so away.  Just think about our speakers as well as the workshops and opportunities for healthy connections.  We start with a fun talent show on Friday the 27th.  Contact us to find out more or sign up to be talent.  From Friday through Sunday, August 27-29, you can choose the times and events that work best for your own personal recovery.  Together we can truly enjoy “Unity & Recovery” at this year’s virtual retreat. 

Remember to register before August 23 to ensure your space at the retreat.  We need to have an estimate of how many may attend in order to best manage our resources. 

Two Weeks To Go

How often can you leave a suggested donation of $20 to receive education, recovery, camaraderie, meditation, a fun talent show, and more to improve your life?  We keep the costs low by having volunteers and equipment loaned to us.  We also invest any money to fund our next retreat, which we believe will be back live and in-person for 2022, maybe even hybrid so more can attend.  Any excess monies are donated back to the fellowships in accordance with the Puget Sound Retreat Committee by-laws. 

Keep spreading the word at your meetings and with your friends in sexual recovery.  We only have a couple weeks until the big event. Remember to register by Monday, August 23, in order to ensure your spot at this year’s retreat.

Only About 3 Weeks Away

The retreat is only about 3 weeks away.  We are setting up several great workshops to give you the insights you have been searching for.  Our theme this year is “Unity & Recovery.”  We have remade some of the classics like the talent show, games, writing, and crafting.  We are still seeking people to help out as volunteers or oversee workshops.  Contact us at 425-272-5740 or info@soundretreat.org

Please continue to pass the word out at your meetings and with your friends in recovery. This retreat promises to be even better than last year’s.