It is Friday, August 21 as I write this note. Our virtual retreat this year will start with an awesome Talent Show on Friday, August 28. It promises to be lots of fun. In year’s past, it has been amazing to see some of the performances that have been shared. I know this year will be similar. We have several people sharing as well as a wonderful host to MC this fun event.

On Saturday, August 29, you will be able to join one of several varying workshops. On both ends of the workshop schedule, we will have a speaker to share their story. This day will be a wonderful day to learn and grow in our recovery journeys.

I also have been notified that the PSRC has extended the guaranteed registration date to this Wednesday, August 26. That means any registrations received by Wednesday, August 26 will have a guaranteed spot at this year’s virtual retreat. That date has been set in order for us to be sure that the technology will be prepared to handle the number we are expecting. If you do register later than Wednesday, we will do our best to accommodate you. We just cannot guarantee your place ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding.

by Dale E – PSRC Member (SAA/COSA)

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