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Stepping Into the Light

Save the Dates of October 14-16 2022. Download and share the flyer immediately below with other members. Click on the registration page link/tab to register today or the button directly below. Guaranteed registration is now available up to at least Wednesday, October 13, 2022. The draft program schedule for the retreat is also below. Check it out.

This website is operated by the Puget Sound Retreat Committee, PSRC. We are affiliated with both SAA and COSA, yet are independent also. Any 7th Tradition money that we collect goes to support the costs of any retreats as well as future retreats, especially in-person retreats. Any excess donations based on our by-laws are distributed back to SAA and COSA. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at info@soundretreat.org or 425-272-5740. We are happy to serve you. This site has been most recently updated on 10/13/22 at 08:20 p.m. PDT.

Welcome to the newly updating Puget Sound Retreat Page also known as Serenity on the Sound. This page will highlight events and schedules for our annual retreat. This year, 2022, we are doing things a little differently. Due to some continuing concerns with Covid, we are scheduling the retreat online once again. This year it will be October 14-16. More information to follow soon. Prior to that, we have had Serenity at the Beach on Saturday, August 27, 2022. This was a great time for recovery and socialization in a secluded area. Read the blog for more about this event. There is also a preliminary flyer down above to download and share with others in recovery.

Our annual retreat is focused on providing recovery from all forms of sexual addiction, co-addiction, and codependency. This event is for adults 18 and over who suffer from sexual addiction or codependency. One of our chief goals is to provide for a safe haven for honest recovery. As our 5th tradition states, Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to those who still suffer.

As the retreat committee moves forward with its planning for our 2022 retreat we will be posting new forms, which you can share with members in the fellowships. A 2022 retreat flyer is available to download and view above. Please share with other members of our fellowships to get the word out. Thank you. Please note that all times listed are Pacific Daylight Time, PDT.