Weekly Notes – June 23-29

With each week, this writer is getting a little bit more excited about our upcoming retreat. Personally I can’t wait for it to begin. I know that each time I attend, I am able to grow and build up my own recovery. It is a bit like strengthening on my own armor against this addiction and codependency that I battle. For each of you, your battles may be against different components; however, the tools can work to protect against our common enemy which threatens our life. Being a part of this retreat is one of the great tools we can have in our repertoire.

But enough of my somewhat meandering thoughts. This week, I urge you to let your groups know again about our upcoming retreat, August 22-25, 2024. For this week, I recommend you share the following notes with them:

Join Serenity on the Sound, our annual retreat for SAA and COSA. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, playing on the water, and volleyball. Engage in recovery through workshops, speakers, fellowship, and nature. Experience traditional highlights like the Outer Circle Show and Tell, Candle-Lighting ceremony, Back-To-Basics workshop, and Bonfires (with drumming until 10 pm, weather permitting). Learn more at soundretreat.org.

I can say with confidence, that we, the PSRC, are looking forward to this year. We all enjoy the camaraderie and community. We look forward to seeing many of you soon. Remember to register soon, if not today.

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