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We have and continue to collect surveys for the retreat. At some point the survey will close. Although the survey may close, we always welcome your thoughts and comments. The retreat has been built on the comments and thoughts from the past, which is why we have continually been able to improve. Like recovery, building a retreat is always a work in progress. It is all about progress, not perfection. So, if you have comments, you may leave them here on the contact us page form. You may also leave longer form thoughts by sending an email to serenity.on.the.sound@gmail.com. Whatever way works for you will work for us.

As we move forward, our plan is to update with a regular blog post at least twice a month. The topics may vary some; however, they will always have something to do with either the retreat or recovery in general. So please come back and check out the site.

This site will likely morph slowly as we get more familiar with which technology works best for our purposes of service. You may or may not notice differences in this site’s appearance. No matter what, our focus will always be towards recovery and what works best towards that goal.

by Dale E – PSRC Member (SAA/COSA)

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