Registration Page – UPDATE

This is the registration page for our 2022 virtual retreat, Serenity on the Sound, Stepping Into the Light. Scroll down, fill in the form, then click the button to submit your registration. This page was last updated on October 3, 2022. The form may be updated over time.

To register, tell us your first name(s) and last initial, your email, and your phone for us to be able to contact you directly. The email and phone numbers are not shared with any other group. They remain confidential for your protection and anonymity. We ask that you register before October 10, in order for you to guarantee your place at this year’s virtual retreat. You will receive confirmation of your registration within 48 hours. If you have not received confirmation, please call the PSRC phone, 425-272-5740 or email PSRC at

In accordance with our 7th Tradition, we suggest a donation of $20 per person. Donations are primarily used to support future in-person retreats. For payments, we use a PayPal or Venmo account, respectively, which are directly linked to the PSRC account only. You can visit the payment site here: @PSRC1212 or @Bruce-D-4. We thank you for your support.