Next Virtual Retreat

Have you heard yet? There is another retreat coming for us early in 2021. After the success of this past retreat, we wish to continue and pay things forward. We also learned a lot about how we can improve our next retreat.

Please keep your eyes peeled on this page. As we all know things are constantly changing and hopefully improving. We are shooting for sometime in early February. Planning is beginning now. If you have a desire to contribute in any way, let us know. We always need help and support. Is there a better way to do service as our 12th step suggests?

I hope to continue posting at least twice a month. So check things out on this page. We also always welcome any suggestions you may have. We seriously consider your valuable contributions.

Thank you for being here and listening. You are our lifeblood.

by Dale E – PSRC Member (SAA/COSA)

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