A Bit of History/Herstory

The Serenity on the Sound Retreat began 30 years ago. This will be the 31st annual retreat. It was birthed from an idea by members of both SAA and COSA. This group of addicts, co-addicts, and codependents thought about getting together and working our recovery in a safe retreat location and setting. As the years have progressed, the retreat has grown and evolved. We are also unique in that we promote cooperation in the fellowships to further everyone’s personal recovery.

The biggest change in the retreat this year is that we are going virtual. Using Zoom as a platform for workshops and meetings seems to work quite well. It is not the same as being able to be next to one another; however, we can still connect via chat and video. If you are not familiar with Zoom, ask one of your friends in the fellowship to review it with you. Phone calls and texts can be a very appropriate means for talking, learning, and growing.

As with all of our retreats, we are an adults only retreat hence 18 and over. This allows us to provide better safety for all. As with any addiction(s), safety and mutual healthy support are keys to our personal recovery. We will strive to offer a safe and spiritually rewarding retreat for all.

I invite anyone to make comments on past retreats or even this retreat. We welcome your ideas. Our goal is to bring us together, have a fun time, learn a lot, and grow in our own personal recovery program. Stay tuned as I will discuss some of the retreat workshops you can look forward to enjoying in an upcoming blog entry. Thank you for reading.

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