Your Request Granted

Every year we at the Puget Sound Retreat Committee, PSRC, take your feedback and guidance to heart. There were several who asked if we could extend the length of the retreat. Lo and behold, we have done just that. The new updated dates are Thursday through Sunday, August 22-25, 2024.

The retreat packages are being setup now with the options available. Just know that now there will be a full day Friday and Saturday, not just Saturday. That will give us all more time to settle in and go the way in which our Higher Power guides us. Maybe this year is focusing on meditation and nature. Maybe you want to get to as many meetings and/or workshops. Maybe you wish to enjoy the lakefront more. No matter what, you can mix and match your wants and needs for this retreat.

I have personally been attending the retreat now since 2006. I love this annual event. Each year this retreat has been different for me. The ways in which it impacts my recovery are different each year. Some years may be focused on workshops and learning. Other years may be more focused on the connections we can make. It is up to you and your Higher Power to find that right mix and path. The only thing I know for sure is that we can not do it, recovery, alone.

The retreat is even better now that we can be in person, once again. There is nothing like the community, connections, and conversations to help us solidify our own personal recovery. Being surrounded by the real love and positive vibes we encounter here, we can truly grow our recovery. 2024 promises to be another year for a great retreat.

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