Connection As the Antidote For Addiction

When we were deep in our addiction(s), we largely hid from others.  We had this secret.  It was forbidden and stimulating.  If others found out about this, they would hate us, shame us, or shun us.  Some may do so; however, as we go to meetings and work the steps, we find this is not entirely true.  Many accept us with welcoming arms.  We find that we are not alone in the world.  There are others like us.

Addiction is a nasty thing that largely breeds in secret. As we isolate, we often become more troubled and seek out more of our remedy, our addiction.  We may feel good for a short while, then we become more stressed or downtrodden.  This high and low feeling perpetuates itself.  It is very much like being in a squirrel cage.  It goes on in a cycle seemingly forever.  This cycle, unless interrupted, continues on and on.  Without some sort of healthy interruption, the consequences can be dire even as dire as death.

So how do we get out of this cycle?  Yes, we can work the steps.  Yes, we can go to meetings.  I propose that the real thing that happens to relieve us of our addiction(s) is a connection with others.  We share stories.  We share feelings.  We are not judged.  We make new and healthy connections.  As we connect, while also working the steps, we find the light that was missing in our life.  All of this positive change begins with making new, healthy connections.

I challenge each and every one of you to make new and healthy connections.  The connections can start at your meetings.  As you make connections there, you will find that you are better able to make connections outside of the meetings.  We find a new way of living, free from our addiction.  We find that our new connections keep us from the craziness of our addiction(s).

At the end of August, as you may know, there is a retreat that can help to strengthen your own addiction recovery.  A key reason this retreat is so powerful, and has been for many years, is that we get to connect with others.  We connect.  We are open to the healing power of recovery.  We can be free from our addiction, one day at a time.  Come and join us for the retreat again this year, August 27-29.  Make some new as well as old friends and connections.

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