Serenity on the Sound Virtual Retreat 2021

As the webmaster for this site,, I want to share some thoughts on recovery and our upcoming retreat.  I hope to update this blog regularly, about once a week up until the retreat and then a bit less after the retreat.  Please let us know what you wish to hear as well as how often.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Dale E, one member of the Puget Sound Retreat Committee, also known as PSRC.  I am a sex addict as well as a codependent to a sex addict.  I have been in recovery since 2006 and am grateful for my own recovery.  In that time, I have gone from feeling lost and shameful to being virtually born anew so that my life once again has joy in it.  I have regained balance in my life and am moving forward. 

Hopefully you have heard that our next upcoming retreat is being held virtually on August 27-29.   Last year we were able to share recovery with our first virtual retreat.  We have taken what we learned to craft a retreat which is bigger, stronger, and more hopeful than last year’s.  We hope you will join us for the workshops, speakers, fun events, camaraderie, and recovery that you will find at the Serenity on the Sound Retreat for 2021.  Please join us all.

In order to best prepare for your retreat, we welcome any comments and ideas.  The success of the retreat comes from the people who attend the retreat.  You are the backbone and energy for us all.  So, feel free to contact us directly via email,, or phone, 1-425-272-5740.  We check in with each of those regularly.  Ask questions, shoot us some advice or offer up some helpful hints.  We appreciate the wisdom of our fellow addicts, co-addicts, and codependents. 

Thank you for reading.  We hope to see you all again from August 27-29 and here on the site weekly.  Come and join us for 2021.

  by Dale E – PSRC Member (SAA/COSA)

4 thoughts on “Serenity on the Sound Virtual Retreat 2021

  1. Dawn says:

    Hello there. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for my recovery as well. I am both codependency and a sex and love addiction. Someone informed me about this retreat. I would love to attend. How do I access the zoom link for it?
    Thank you.

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