Talking Points Week 4 2024

Weekly Notes – June 23-29

With each week, this writer is getting a little bit more excited about our upcoming retreat. Personally I can’t wait for it to begin. I know that each time I attend, I am able to grow and build up my own recovery. It is a bit like strengthening on my own armor against this addiction and codependency that I battle. For each of you, your battles may be against different components; however, the tools can work to protect against our common enemy which threatens our life. Being a part of this retreat is one of the great tools we can have in our repertoire.

But enough of my somewhat meandering thoughts. This week, I urge you to let your groups know again about our upcoming retreat, August 22-25, 2024. For this week, I recommend you share the following notes with them:

Join Serenity on the Sound, our annual retreat for SAA and COSA. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, playing on the water, and volleyball. Engage in recovery through workshops, speakers, fellowship, and nature. Experience traditional highlights like the Outer Circle Show and Tell, Candle-Lighting ceremony, Back-To-Basics workshop, and Bonfires (with drumming until 10 pm, weather permitting). Learn more at

I can say with confidence, that we, the PSRC, are looking forward to this year. We all enjoy the camaraderie and community. We look forward to seeing many of you soon. Remember to register soon, if not today.

Get Registered Today

Registration Concerns

Last year we found some glaring deficits in our registration system. This year, 2024, we are doing our own personal inventory to correct those previous issues. What were some of the deficits? Well some of them, not in any particular order, were, as follows: ease of registering, lack of registration confirmations, payment options hard to decipher, and direct follow-up.

To help ensure a much smoother registration process this year, we will be using a professional registration provider. The initial trials with this software seem to answer all of the previous questions. We hope they do. But we also seek your input, once registration opens, to give us your feedback. Just as we addicts, codependents, and co-addicts are never perfected, we will be evaluating other options based on cost and usability for our purposes. It is a reminder of how important the 10th step is. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. Yes, even your PSRC does this step.

So many of you may be wondering when registration opens this year. As you already know, the retreat this year will be from August 22-25. You will have 5 package options from the full 4 day, 3 night package down to a speakers only package. We will have registration up and running no later than June 10, 2024. We are still making some tweaks to be sure we are ready for prime time. Plus this will allow you almost a 2 month registration window.

Healing Through Grace and Community

We now have a very appropriate tagline for this year’s retreat. It is: Healing Through Grace & Community.

As I type these thoughts, I am thinking how appropriate this is as a theme. First, it is through grace that we can find a new and better life. Second, in order to make this new and better life come true, it requires a strong community. Together we create both community and grace.

I know for me personally, grace and community have led to my most recent strong recovery. After having a major failure in my own recovery, I only found my way back via grace and community. First, I had to accept that I was given grace. Who gave me this grace? It was both my higher power as well as the community I rejoined. If you’d like to know more about my own story, I’d love to share with you at this year’s retreat.

Come on out to one or more days. This year the retreat goes from August 22-25. We will have more time to enjoy community and grace this year. No matter if you are new to recovery or have been coming back long or off and on, you can find some strong positive recovery here. This will be our 35th annual retreat.

For me, I have been coming since 2006. Let me share with you that each year brings its own special value. Just come open to receive from your higher power, and you will receive. There are so many opportunities to strengthen and grow your own personal recovery. Better yet, use this time to grow your own community to help ensure stronger recovery, one-day-at-a-time.

Set aside the dates, August 22-25. Please share with others. Remind your recovery friends that this retreat is for anyone from any of the sexual recovery fellowships. We are open and welcoming. It is through grace and community that we can all recover alone and together.

Your Request Granted

Every year we at the Puget Sound Retreat Committee, PSRC, take your feedback and guidance to heart. There were several who asked if we could extend the length of the retreat. Lo and behold, we have done just that. The new updated dates are Thursday through Sunday, August 22-25, 2024.

The retreat packages are being setup now with the options available. Just know that now there will be a full day Friday and Saturday, not just Saturday. That will give us all more time to settle in and go the way in which our Higher Power guides us. Maybe this year is focusing on meditation and nature. Maybe you want to get to as many meetings and/or workshops. Maybe you wish to enjoy the lakefront more. No matter what, you can mix and match your wants and needs for this retreat.

I have personally been attending the retreat now since 2006. I love this annual event. Each year this retreat has been different for me. The ways in which it impacts my recovery are different each year. Some years may be focused on workshops and learning. Other years may be more focused on the connections we can make. It is up to you and your Higher Power to find that right mix and path. The only thing I know for sure is that we can not do it, recovery, alone.

The retreat is even better now that we can be in person, once again. There is nothing like the community, connections, and conversations to help us solidify our own personal recovery. Being surrounded by the real love and positive vibes we encounter here, we can truly grow our recovery. 2024 promises to be another year for a great retreat.

Talking Points Week 7

We are all looking forward to the upcoming retreat. It is filling us up with excitement and healthy anticipation. It will be so good to connect with friends in recovery, old and new. There is nothing quite like the personal connections that can be made in-person.

Please share the following note with others in your fellowships this week, August 1-6:

It’s not too late to register for the retreat happening Friday through Sunday, August 25-27 at Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey, WA.. There will be plenty of food and places to sleep. Or just come Saturday for some workshops and the speakers.  But registration ends August 7 at No walk-ins!

Talking Points Week 6

Less than 4 weeks to go.  Everything is getting formalized and ready to roll.  We are all excited for this year’s retreat starting August 25.  Please keep sharing the news about this year’s in-person retreat. It is going to be so good to gather with fellow recovery folks and promote one another’s healthier recovery. And remember you need to register no later than Monday, August 7, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Register today.  Also remember to bring some basic items for when you arrive: bedding, towels, pillows, and toiletries.  Mattresses and bathrooms are provided.

Please share the following talking points this week with your friends in the fellowship.

July 25-31

At Serenity on the Sound you’ll experience the joy of being together again, “Alive and In Person,” with friends old and new. It’s time to begin preparing to share our talents at the Outer Circle Show and Tell. And you’ll be moved by the stories of the SAA and COSA speakers.  There’s time for work and time to play, and the retreat offers both.  There’s still time to register at, but only until Monday August 7.

For your own copy of the talking points and finer retreat details, follow this link: Retreat Talking Points Rev 8.

Talking Points Week 5

We are getting closer and closer. Can you feel the excitement? Keep sharing the news about this year’s in-person retreat. It is going to be so good to gather with fellow recovery folks and promote one another’s healthier recovery. And remember you need to register no later than Monday, August 7, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Register today.

Please share the other following talking points this week with your friends in the fellowship.

July 18-24

Beautiful location, all meals, sleeping arrangements, fun, friends, music, workshops, quiet meditation, and recovery, all this for about $83 a day. By pitching in we are able to keep the price affordable. If you are short on time then just come for Saturday, and if you are short on cash, you can request a scholarship.  Contact In addition, the local SAA Intergroup is offering scholarships for women in SAA, available for those who qualify. 

Talking Points Week 4

Please share this with your groups this week from July 11-17. As you may have heard, the main lodge at Gwinwood was destroyed by fire. We are still able to have the retreat there with their other buildings. We are adjusting our plans in order to best utilize the facilities they have. All of them are quite nice.

July 11-17

Serenity on the Sound is coming August 25-27, and one of the many things to look forward to is the food. Gwinwood Retreat Center’s professional catering team promises us a classic comfort food menu with full buffet-style cooked breakfasts, hearty sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch, and good hot dinners.  They’ll even accommodate vegan and other special diets.  Other arrangements can be made as needed. But we need to pre-order the number of meals to be prepared, so early registration will ensure your participation (no walk-ins this year).  Find out more at